Scholarship form






In 2013, the golden anniversary of Allied Arts of Renton (AAR), the board  set up a mini scholarship program in cultural arts fields to be awarded to students who live within the boundaries of the Greater Renton Area, attend school in Renton and are between the ages of 12-19. The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage and help talented young students further their training in their artistic field.  The categories under which a student may apply are all areas of visual or performing arts.


All applicants must meet the following criteria

  • Must be a student currently living within the boundaries of the Greater Renton Area,  attend a school in Renton  and be between the ages of 12 through 19.
  • Criteria for  selection will include need as well as talent
  • Each recipient  will be given a showcase opportunity for their work and will need to  prepare for this event in whatever their chosen category.
  • Awards may be  used for tuition, school fees related to the category or academic expenses such as music, lessons, books, painting supplies, etc.
  • Awards will not be granted for housing, food, transportation or utilities.
  • Applications will not be returned.  Please print a copy for your records.
  • Monies will not be disbursed directly to the grant recipient but rather to the instructor, official or organization to which the student is requesting aid.
  • If conditions change under which this scholarship is awarded (student does not complete his/her enrollment or decides to change programs), Allied Arts of Renton reserves the right to cancel the scholarship or request a refund.



A completed application (including financial information and public relations release) and all attachments must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 1,2018.  Late applications will not be considered.

The application can be made either by the student or by nomination by a teacher assisting the student in their artistic endeavor.   Included in the applications should be:

  1. A short essay (not more than one page, single sided) outlining your achievements in your particular field and outlining your personal goals as related to the awarding of this scholarship.
  2. A letter of recommendation from a teacher or adviser or a Renton community member familiar with your work.  The letters must be dated within the past 12 months, preferably on letterhead and must include phone numbers.    Have them give the letter to you rather than mailing to Allied Arts so that it can be included with your completed application.  Ask the elevator to address your work habits, character, pursuit of academic or career goals and your relationship to the person writing the letter.  No letter from relatives will be accepted.
  3. The decision of the scholarship committee, (which will make their recommendations to the full Allied Arts of Renton board for approval) is final; there will be no appeal process.

Print out the scholarship application from here and send it to the address on the form once completed.